Simply put, when a spot becomes available for you, we will reach out! I know it’s a bit of a waiting game, but you know what they say, good things come to those who wait!

  1. Once you are in the community, based on your unique profile and preferences, we'll send you free premium products that fit your unique lifestyle.
  2. Next, you will receive instructions to incorporate the products into your daily routine (instructions vary based on each unique study).
  3. Then, you talk our ears off! We want to see your responses. If you've got questions, compliments, or concerns, we've got time to listen.

Important to Note:

  • Completing your surveys + trials on time is essential to being part of the Highlighter community.
  • Although some studies offer gift card incentives, kindly understand not all our surveys have gift cards associate with them - it depends on variety of factors such as trial period, time and effort required, length of surveys, etc.