Blinding and Repacking

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Many Highlight projects are conducted “blind” to ensure the product feedback is as unbiased as possible. This means that Highlighters won’t know what the brand is or what the final packaging looks like. When setting up a blind product test, considerations include: 

  • Ensuring any recognizable names, logos, and branding are not visible 

  • Using generic but clear descriptors for the product(s) throughout your survey(s)

  • Allowing participants to easily distinguish between flavors/products if you are testing multiple blinded SKUs in the same trial 

  • Including the ingredient list and any relevant allergens (i.e. gluten) and/or product labels (i.e. contains caffeine)

To execute a blind product trial, you may choose to:

  • To execute a blind product trial, you may choose to:

    • Have products created or processed to arrive unbranded to Highlight

    • Ask Highlight to do one of the following blinding methods such as blacking out product labels with permanent marker, covering with tape, and repacking to new containers/bags 

    • In either of the above cases, Highlight can add an identification code/label and ingredient list to the products, see relabeling options below 

Blinding requests are easily requested directly in the Highlight platform during "Project Setup" tab under "add products"




Highlight can manage repacking your product(s) as needed and has experience conducting repacks across many product categories. The Highlight team holds several certifications in packaging and handling food items with access to Food Safe rooms, weight scales, and heat bag sealers to be prepared for all repacking scenarios.

Repacking your product is a great solution when: 

  1. The product packaging is difficult to blind otherwise 
  2. The product needs to be split into different or specific quantities 

For example, the product ships to Highlight in bulk or, if the product is in market with a specific set pack size, but participants need a different quantity of the sample for their trial 

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