Warehouse Capabilities

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Warehouse Capabilities: 

  • Overall packing standards: What to include in your Highlight box

  • Pack Types: What package your products will be shipped in

  • Fragile Packing Considerations: How products will be packed, fragile products

  • Blinding: Options for debranding products

  • Repacking: Options for repacking and portioning out products

  • Relabeling: Options for labeling products

  • Temperature-Sensitive Shipping: Working with melt-risk or refrigerated/frozen products

Highlight holds several certifications in packaging and handling food items and other products. 

  • Here is a list of all of Highlight’s certifications:

    • Wholesale Food Establishment

    • Food Safety Systems

    • FDA Food Facility Registration

Food Safety:

    Highlight’s warehouse is a FDA certified facility that follows industry standard safety procedures and regulations. Timestrip upon request, which confirms to Highlighters whether their product is still safe for consumption. We are also able to repack food items in our food-safe facility.


Highlight supports repacking all product(s) categories. We have access to Food Safe rooms, weight scales, and heat bag sealers to support all repacking scenarios. For more information on blinding & repacking, click here.

Fragile Items:

Highlight can securely pack all types of fragile items, such as:

  • Glass 

  • Soft Exteriors 

  • Delicate Products 

We carry materials that protect fragile products during transit.  

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